This Week in Leadership

Bias Training at Starbucks. Spider-Man’s French Reward. The latest edition of This Week in Leadership has insights from those stories plus the first installment of Korn Ferry's new podcast, Women CEOs Speak. 

Starbucks: Beyond Day One of Training 

Why this week's unconscious bias training at the coffee chain’s U.S. stores is just the first step in a much longer journey.

In Paris, Avoiding the ‘Spider-Man’ Reward

A political version of a classic leadership dilemma played out this week: When is a reward for heroic behavior too much?

A Goldilocks Approach to Talents and Traits

Emotional intelligence expert Daniel Goleman explains how we can put too much effort into developing one particular ability at the expense of others.

Women CEOs Speak: The Podcast Series

Introducing Korn Ferry’s new series on women who made it to the top of Corporate America. Part one looks at common qualities shared by female CEOs.

Leave the Arrogance Back at School

To earn a good reputation at their first jobs, new grads need to leave these five things that can be drawbacks in the working world, says Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison.


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