This Week in Leadership

How the tax law changes have impacted talent recruitment. Strategies for women who aspire to the C-suite. Those insights and more in the summer solstice edition of This Week in Leadership. 


Tax Reform, Six Months Later

Company chiefs are being conservative on using new tax windfalls for raises but may shift to a different talent area: skills development.

Is the Price Right?

Moves by BlackRock, Disney, and Amazon this week showing how even leaders in non-price sensitive industries are getting creative to find the exact amount to charge customers.

Will Women Reign in Spain?

The country’s new moves toward gender diversity are starting at the top of the public sector.

Women CEOs Speak Podcast: Building a Great Career

The third part of the series reveals the strategies women who aspire to the C-suite should follow (and which pitfalls to avoid).

The Art of Effective Feedback

Great leaders can empathize with their employees and still have tough conversations about performance with them, says emotional intelligence expert Daniel Goleman. 


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