This Week in Leadership

A Royal ruler’s test in the US. A potential silver lining in the messy merger. Plus, new ways to learn more...and earn more. Read Korn Ferry’s latest take on recent news, from our reporting team.

A Royal Leadership Tour

Saudi Arabia’s crown prince visits the US this week to drum up investment and change perceptions. Will it work?

The Upside of a Merger Mess

The long, expensive trial over whether AT&T can buy Time Warner starts this week, but there may actually be a benefit for the firms.

The Benefits of Coaching…and Being Coached

Formal coaching can teach leaders to ‘unstick’ bad habits—knowledge they can then impart to their own teams, says emotional intelligence expert Daniel Goleman.

5 Surprising Ways to Learn—and Earn—More

Even in a robust jobs market, focus on ways to get ahead, says CEO Gary Burnison.

Chinese Fishing Village—Future Global Tech Hub?

Out of nowhere, Shenzhen, China, has become a gleaming tech city. Mike Distefano looks at its formula.



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