This Week in Leadership

Governments ban salary-related job interview questions. Veterans are getting jobs, but not the right ones. Plus, the characteristics of America’s top women CEOs. Read Korn Ferry’s take on recent news, from our reporting team.

Asking About Salary History? That's History      

New York City’s new ban on salary questions in job interviews may create a whole new dynamic for candidates nationwide.

What Makes Women CEOs Different?   

In a landmark study, Korn Ferry conducted in-depth interviews with dozens of women CEOs to see how they got ahead.

Job Targeting: The Three-Point Plan       

A surprising number of people don't follow a career-building strategy, says CEO Gary Burnison.

A Sixth Sense for Reading Your Company            

Savvy leaders with "organizational awareness" know how to suss out a firm's unspoken rules and values, writes emotional intelligence expert Daniel Goleman.

The Value of Vets          

Companies are hiring more veteran executives, but more than 60 percent of firms lack specific training or onboarding.


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