This Week in Leadership

GE starts a cultural renovation and why failing is a key to success. Plus, how to defuse conflicts at work. Read Korn Ferry’s take on recent news, from our reporting team.


GE’s Biggest Challenge: The Culture Play

As the company restructures, its new CEO plans to align culture as well.

Fail Fast, Learn Faster   

The important benefits of failing—more than once, according to Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison.

Three Ways to Cool Work Conflicts        

The silent treatment doesn't work, says emotional intelligence expert Daniel Goleman.

A Surprise GDP

The US economy grew robustly despite the natural disasters.

Japan's Bold Stewardship           

With his party's landslide victory, the country's prime minister proves one thing: results matter.

The Motivation Solution             

A new Korn Ferry white paper on narrowing the gap between “intrinsic” and “extrinsic” motivation.


  • Mark Royal, Ph.D.

    Senior Director

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  • Daniel Goleman

    Contributor, Korn Ferry Institute

  • Yukihiro Koshiishi

    Senior Client Partner

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  • Linda Culliton

    Senior Partner, Global Account Lead

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  • Stuart S. Crandell

    Senior Client Partner

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  • Gary Burnison

    Chief Executive Officer

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