This Week in Leadership (Sept 4 - Sept 10)

Tech Under Fire. Coke’s New Caffeine Lift. Plus, how to turn obstacles into opportunities during a job interview. All that and more in the latest edition of Korn Ferry's This Week in Leadership.

Big Tech Under Fire

After more congressional hearings and a new Justice Department of probe, leaders at Twitter, Facebook, and others may have to prepare for an era of higher scrutiny.

Coke’s New Caffeine Lift

The soft-drink company tests its agility by acquiring the major UK coffee chain Costa.

Turning Job Interview Obstacles into Opportunities

Being authentic and making a connection with an interviewer can help savvy candidates overcome red flags on their resumes, says Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison.

A Winner in the Battle of the Sexes

Best-selling author Daniel Goleman discusses how emotional intelligence helps women executives outperform men in a range of competencies essential for effectiveness.

Rule Change

The NFL kicks off this week. How the league handles a major rule change may be as fascinating as the actual games.