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This Week in Leadership

This week’s leadership news come from a variety of sources, including Brexit negotiators in Europe and pro basketball general managers at the NBA’s annual draft. And don’t forget Wonder Woman, who taught us about a superpower all workers should harness: leverage. Korn Ferry’s experts had insights on all those and more.

Below, here are some of the pieces for your weekend read:

Brexit Bargaining

The critical UK-EU talks have begun. What Theresa May can learn from the private sector.

Healthcare Reform From the Inside Out

While Congress tries to transform healthcare; more healthcare boards should be transforming themselves; a new Korn Ferry report.

No Slam Dunks Here

The recent NBA draft had an uncanny resemblance to how companies try to find quick talent cures.

France's New President: Lessons on Leading Newbies

Emmanuel Macron's newly elected assembly lack political experience. How best to lead newcomers.

Wonder Woman and the Power of Leverage

The latest Hollywood superhero blockbuster has a lesson for all workers: perform now, cash in later.