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Driving an integrated talent management strategy.

Integrated Talent Management

A strong integrated talent management system includes processes for differentiating talent across several key capabilities: talent acquisition, development, engagement, performance management, rewards/recognition, and succession management.

Additional factors can either enable or hinder the effectiveness of an organization’s talent strategy. These are: technology, organizational agility, talent governance, and culture.

Talent Management Drivers

Some important guideposts organizations should keep in their sights when designing and implementing a strategically aligned talent management system include:

  • The business strategy and market context should be the primary forces shaping the talent management approach.
  • In addition to aligning to the strategy, talent management practices need to be aligned to and integrated with one another.
  • Business strategy can be translated into required organizational capabilities which drive talent investment decisions.
  • Strategically vital talent must be managed differently. By segmenting talent, organizations are better able to tailor talent management practices for maximum return.

Organizations that are successful at integrating and optimizing their talent processes have been shown to enjoy:

  • A boost in morale
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased discretionary effort
  • Lower turnover
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Improved process and machine efficiency
  • Enhanced ability to be innovative across the company
  • Better company financial performance

Korn Ferry's end-to-end talent management solutions are designed to help organizations implement a talent strategy tailored to their unique business strategy, or fill critical gaps in existing processes. We strive to be your organization’s talent partner in igniting your most powerful asset— your leaders.

Tell us about your talent needs to learn how we can help you maximize impact.