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Korn Ferry Interview Architect™ Online is a subscription web-based tool that will help standardize interviewing protocol by allowing users to build clean, structured, and focused interview guides and templates using their computers or mobile devices. Access a library of behavior based questions aligned to the Korn Ferry Leadership Architect competencies.

Interview Architect

Your organization invests valuable time and resources into the hiring process, wanting final decisions based on more than impressive resumes and positive hunches. Streamlining your interview process with Korn Ferry Interview Architect™ Online puts hiring the right candidate for your critical roles within your reach.

Make the right people decisions.

Research shows that organizations make better people decisions when they follow this three-level, decision making process:

  • Interview preparations: identifying interview criteria including critical competencies, skills, experience, and perspectives (see Competency Modeling and Competency Profile Manager)
  • Structured interviews: asking competency-based, standardized questions, and listening for specific responses
  • Post-interview evaluation: using data-based rigor to compare candidates

Organizations need an interviewing system that's easy to implement, will deliver a consistent and standardized process, and is scalable to all interviewers at all levels.

Korn Ferry Interview Architect guides

Interview guides created with Korn Ferry Interview Architect Online include:

  • Competency Description – Providing context of content being assessed
  • Behavior based questions – Question aligned to Korn Ferry Leadership Architect and appropriate for all candidates
  • Follow up Probes – Dive deeper to understand what candidates learned from each experience
  • Themes and Evaluation – Identify critical statements and stimulate discussion for next steps in hiring decisions.

Prepare for the interview

  • Refine and select competencies crucial to the role candidates are interviewing for.
  • View competencies in a framework that ensures proper coverage of all relevant content areas
Korn Ferry Interview Architect
Korn Ferry Interview Architect

Create Structured Interview Guides

  • 5 themes and 10 questions for each competency
  • Assign different questions to different interviewers
  • Build flexible templates to be used in multiple interview rounds or scenarios
  • Add custom instructions and custom questions to each interviewers guides

Conduct and enable standardized interviews throughout your organization

  • Package and deliver interview guides quickly
  • Flexible distribution, formats and access
Korn Ferry Interview Architect

Fueled by Korn Ferry's extensive research and competency framework, the subscription-based web application allows users to build clean, structured, and focused interview guides and templates, aligned to the critical competencies for each role and level in your organization.

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