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Four Dimensions of Leadership & Talent

Four Dimensions of Leadership & Talent

Leveraging the world’s largest set of data on talent and decades of research, Korn Ferry has catalogued the elements of talent and isolated the most potent facets. The result, Korn Ferry's Four Dimensions of Leadership & Talent, is the talent intelligence engine that powers all our solutions and products. Our most credible tool yet for evaluating talent.

KF4D was born from the best intellectual property of four industry titans – PDI Ninth House, Lominger, Global Novations and Decision Dynamics. This state-of-the-art platform provides the industry’s most robust set of diagnostics for talent and leadership development at both the individual and enterprise levels.

The precision of KF4D’s predictive insights is the result of the world’s richest data set: over 7 million executive and professional candidate profiles and 2.5 million assessments. Our data spans every industry, job function, and level from individual contributors to CEO.

KF4D can be used as a whole or quadrants can be used in part to examine specific aspects of an individual or organization. Most importantly, all data amassed from all Korn Ferry engagements will feed into this single KF4D repository, thereby enlarging our sample size and ensuring the currency of our global research into the future.

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