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Competencies Just Evolved.

Ensure Your Business Evolves Too

KFLA Webcast: Competencies Just Evolved

If you’re re-evaluating competencies, you’re in good company. If you’re not, you should think again.

“Research found that updating competencies has a beneficial effect across the business. 62% to 70% of these high-performing organizations were updating their competencies every two to three years.” Loew and Garr 2011.

View this webcast to learn the following:

  • Evolution of competencies
  • Latest research & global trends
  • Journey for best-in-class to world-class
  • Best practices to achieve maximum benefit for your evolved competency strategy

Event Date:

Tuesday, July 29 2014


Vicki Swisher - Senior Director of Intellectual Property Development
Marni Jouve - Director of Channel Management


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