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mastering NEXT practices

Korn Ferry Innovations
Korn Ferry Innovations

Star Programs

A Star Program systematically delivers a exclusive network of 100 exceptional executives that are ready to engage in NEXT practice dialogues and discovery workshops with the office of the CEO.


  • Designed for: Global Fortune 500
  • Sponsor: CEO or Chairman
  • Participants: CEO + Excom members
  • Duration: Three to five years/ until the program becomes fully integrated into the corporation
  • Design & facilitation: Joint design & facilitation between KF Innovations & office of the CEO
  • Investment: USD 15M to 50M


  • A Starbook with one pagers documenting 100 executives from around the world on how they master NEXT practices and can help accelerating shareholder value creation
  • A menu of discovery workshops designed to discover unknowns and implement NEXT practices
  • Adhoc NEXT practice dialogues with the Stars of the program
  • Joined/open innovation, new business models & partnerships
  • Enhanced top succession planning
  • Cultural transformation through outside-in approach

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