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Korn Ferry

Bespoke leadership development

designed around your needs.

Custom Leadership Development

Our customized solutions are created through a collaborative design process which combines the right content and materials with the right facilitators and methods to best meet your needs.

Our Evolution

At Korn Ferry Hay Group, we have a long history of offering customized and bespoke leadership development solutions.


In March 2015, Pivot Leadership became a Korn Ferry company, further strengthening our world class capabilities in custom development. Pivot Leadership’s team is now the heart of custom leadership development design and delivery at Korn Ferry, working at the senior levels of major companies around the world to design and implement corporate strategy and talent development programs that are creative, customized, and scalable. Our mission is to develop the best business leaders for the world’s most influential companies, because we believe better leaders are vital to creating a better world.

We don’t consult and leave, we build lasting capabilities within your leaders. And unlike business schools, we understand that transferring knowledge is not the key to unlocking innovation, driving performance, and changing behavior. We use an immersive approach, designing development experiences about business that transform how leaders operate.

We offer highly customized programs and services from the C-Suite, senior executives, and high-potential talent to first-and mid-level leaders.

C-Suite and Senior Executives

Custom Strategy, Immersion, & Alignment Programs

Leadership development is an ongoing journey that is best undertaken in context. Our Custom Strategy, Immersion, and Alignment Programs are grounded in your business context—putting the best minds to work on current business problems and opportunities to drive tangible business outcomes, executive alignment, and culture change.

Senior Team Effectiveness

Our facilitated programs for senior teams draw upon research-based, time-tested methodologies to accelerate team alignment, performance, and shared purpose. With greater effectiveness, senior teams can transform complexity into clarity, in the midst of the uncertain and often volatile conditions of today.

Tailored One-to-One Executive Coaching

Customized, individual coaching for senior executives delivers high-impact development, whether they are targeted or long-term engagements. Through coaching, executives develop the necessary skills, mindset, and behaviors needed to become more effective and engaging leaders, and to drive growth in today’s highly competitive environment.

High Potentials

Action Learning Programs and Incubators

Real-life challenges and opportunities for innovation become the learning ground for high-potential leaders to work together to solve pressing problems. These learning programs and incubators are specifically designed to prepare high-potential talent to take on broader leadership roles.

Custom Strategy Activation, Group, and Immersion Experiences

As growth today comes more from an organization’s leaders than from the market, leaders need a different mindset and a broader toolkit to successfully advance the growth agenda. Using a variety of live and virtual strategies, our custom programs accelerate the development of future enterprise leaders and other high-potential talent to rise to challenges and seize opportunities.

First-Level Leaders and Managers

Custom Skills Cascade and Alignment Programs

Targeted learning experiences focus on critical skill-building for first-level leaders and middle-level managers. These offerings, tailored for individuals who have little or no prior leadership development training, give participants the tools they need to harness their potential—thoughtfully, proactively, and effectively.

Applied Learning Programs

Using a structured approach, managers apply new leadership behaviors to develop their capabilities, while supporting strategy and driving outcomes. Participants are given opportunities to apply what they’ve learned in real world and on-the-job contexts.

Our custom leadership development solutions help organizations:
Prepare for and adapt to disruption by building agile cultures. Operationalize strategy via collaborative leadership solutions. Identify and develop high-potential talent. Build and implement custom, multi-level curricula.
We use breakthrough learning strategies for real world application.



Leadership Development Program Features