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Korn Ferry

talent management

and organizational development

Leadership/Talent Consulting

Korn Ferry’s Leadership and Talent Consulting Services offers end-to-end talent management and organizational development aided by scientifically validated tools and processes, tested and proven at all levels within all types of organizations and institutions. The higher education team specifically focuses on the following solutions:

Talent Strategy and Organizational Alignment

When an institution is designed to match its ambitions, everyone performs better. Likewise, every institution’s mission has unique implications for the talent that it needs to succeed. We help higher education institutions to design their organizations in a way that reflects their unique mission and strategy, and to align their talent processes and capabilities to put their plans into action.

Leadership Development

The success of any enterprise, public or private, is directly linked to the quality of its leadership. Today’s colleges and universities are increasingly complex organizations with multiple internal and external constituencies to be managed. We help build leaders who can address the challenges of today and create and execute successful strategies for the future.

Succession Management

Demographic data show an increasingly “seasoned” group at the top of our colleges and universities. Sustainable, ongoing succession management is essential for stability and long-term success. We help higher education institutions ensure that the right leaders are ready when and where they are needed, now and in the future.

Workforce Performance, Inclusion, and Diversity

Diversity is one of the most urgent challenges facing higher education today. Education within a diverse environment prepares students for life in a complex and pluralistic society. We help clients build and leverage a diverse workforce and create the environment, culture, practices, and commitment to diversity required to unleash every individual’s potential.