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Many organizations recognize that learning programs can enhance performance, increase productivity, and improve engagement and retention of their workforces. But how can you be sure the investments you are making in learning are helping your employees add maximum value to your organization?

Through our published and custom learning programs, we create a highly engaging development experience for employees in organizations all over the world. Our unique approach actively engages learners and provides them with practical tools and models that they can use back on the job. As a result, our learning solutions lead to measurable behavioral change.

Solutions that work for your workforce.

Many of our learning solutions are focused at the leadership level, and are specifically designed to help senior managers apply high impact behaviors to their work. We also offer a wide range of learning solutions in the areas of diversity and inclusion and talent development that can be tailored to employees at all levels of your organization.

Interactive learning.

Our interactive learning solutions are entirely technology based, providing on-demand access to learning content via the media employees prefer to use. There are many benefits to this approach. It is cost effective, quick to deploy, and easily scalable. It enables employees to take control of their own development while supporting networking and encouraging collaboration. It is also highly measurable, with web analytics providing valuable insight into user behavior. Our interactive learning solutions encompass a broad range of assets, including:

  • eLearning
  • Interactive tools
  • Multimedia and video
  • Podcasts
  • Social applications
  • Blogs and micro-blogs
  • Wikis
  • Online communities
  • Media sharing

Blended learning.

We also offer blended learning solutions that combine online and traditional methods. The advantage of blended learning is that it allows organizations to leverage technology while tailoring to the individual preferences of the learner.

A range of learning methods.

Our learning programs leverage many kinds of activities, including:

  • Behavior modeling
  • Role-play
  • Video-based simulations
  • Online workbooks
  • Storytelling
  • Award-winning instructional design
  • Journaling functions
  • What to Do on Monday® exercises
  • Social media   |