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Embed learning agility into the language of

organizational leaders

On-demand Broadcast: Learning Agility: The X-Factor in Identifying and Developing High Potentials

Leaders of today and tomorrow need to be better than the leaders they replace because the challenges are greater, the speed faster, the competition tougher, and the marketplace increasingly global. In short, the leaders of today and tomorrow must be agile leaders, resourceful in the face of change, and above all, able to learn from experience.

Vicki Swisher, Senior Director of Intellectual Property Development for Korn Ferry and author of Becoming an Agile Leader tells how you can ensure that your succession pipeline is filled with high-potential employees ready to deliver growth for your organization in the challenging years ahead.

View this webcast to learn how to:

  • Use learning agility as an input for differentiated leadership development and succession planning
  • Distinguish between high potentials and high functional/technical professionals
  • Develop learning agility through formal development programs and “assignmentology”
  • Embed learning agility into the language of organizational leaders

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