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Learning Case Studies

Our learning solutions help organizations grow, develop and transform in many different ways. Below, we have provided just a few examples of what we can achieve.

Telecoms leader.

A global leader in wireless telecommunications approached us to help them deliver an innovative learning program. It was a very forward-thinking program: the intention was to enable employees who led teams but did not yet have direct reports to develop their leadership skills. Our solution was a custom 12-week program of blended learning, which focused on developing skills tied to seven competencies that the company had identified as being vital to the talent pool. Having proved highly successful in the U.S., the program is now being rolled out to emerging leaders in Asia, Europe and India.

Not-for-profit health plan provider.

To help our client increase workforce engagement and empowerment, as it sought to reposition itself within the insurance market, we delivered a blended learning and development program that was more than just another training event. Implemented from the top down with a unique design for each level of management, and using a blend of interactive online media, face-to-face discussion and virtual coaching sessions, the program has helped managers across the business to improve their ability to motivate and empower people. It has also ignited effective, ongoing communication between managers and employees.

Confidential military client.

We helped this branch of the U.S. Armed Forces revolutionize the way it trained its officers. In so doing, we realized a number of key opportunities, including maximizing cost efficiency, increasing the use of advanced technology, and equipping officers to be highly successful leaders in both their current and post-military careers. The course and assessment we developed fitted seamlessly into existing online training initiatives, and have resulted in a 44 per cent improvement in participants’ knowledge and retention of leadership course material. We also achieved $2.7 million savings, which represented a 94 per cent reduction in training costs.

Medical device and surgical products company.

To help our client expand its diversity and inclusion training and education offerings to a global workforce of 40,000 employees, Korn Ferry created a custom series of eLearning programs. It was designed to meet the client’s objectives to deliver a successful rollout to global learning managers, provide training across generational and cultural differences, and offer ongoing training and sustainable teaching moments.

The series was deployed to a global workforce in 16 countries within eight months. The delivery methodology of the training increased efficiency and scalability across 18 time zones, reduced global training costs, and led to an increase in participation across all levels of the organization. Survey data indicated that stakeholders and participants across the organization found the content to be relevant to their specific work requirements.

Global pharmaceutical and consumer products company.

This client approached Korn Ferry to help reinvigorate its existing diversity and inclusion efforts with the launch of a Diversity eUniversity. The goal was to use this platform to connect leaders, teams, and employees across the globe to foster engagement at all levels of the organization, improve cross-cultural communication skills, enhance global team interactions, and encourage participants to quickly implement new insights gained in the courses. Focus areas for the courses included building trust across cultures, creating inclusive hiring practices, and giving effective performance feedback in cross-cultural settings

We developed a set of eLearning courses that incorporated key terminology from the client organization for authenticity. To remove any utilization barriers, we facilitated an enterprise-wide adoption strategy to ensure that technical specifications were addressed across platforms and departments. Full enterprise rollout was achieved within 12 months.

Korn Ferry is committed to confidentiality. We are therefore unable to disclose the identities of our clients.

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