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Shift culture to the changing demands of marketing

Culture Shift

Culture provides the fuel that enables talent to execute your marketing strategies successfully.

Customer-centric capabilities

  • 72% of executives believe culture is critical to performance. Only 32% state their culture and strategies are aligned.
  • Companies with aligned cultures beat the market index by 19%. Companies lacking this posted returns 44% lower.


  • 50% of M&As fail. Incompatible culture is the top reason for failure.
  • 90% of successful M&As addressed culture. This was carried out in only 33% of the unsuccessful deals.


  • Over 40% of new employees will fail within 18 months. 89% of those are due to attitudes / behaviors that don’t fit the culture.
  • 50% of CFOs who quit did not leave for another job. Instead, they could not fit into the culture.

If your culture is not aligned, a shift is required. …BUT only 30% of culture shifts succeed. Korn Ferry can help.


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