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Getting the best value

from your deal.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Two-thirds of mergers and acquisitions fail to deliver their full value. More of them would succeed if deal makers paid closer attention to the intangibles—assets like customer loyalty, brand value, culture and human capital.

Korn Ferry Hay Group helps merging organizations manage both the intangible as well as tangible capital to ensure that the value of the newly formed organization is realized right from the start. We work with deal makers to:

  • Conduct due diligence on the intangible assets.
  • Clarify merger or acquisition strategy and align top teams around the new strategic intent.
  • Create new governance processes.
  • Identify and manage the risks to tangible and intangible assets.
  • Establish transitional management, leadership and synergy teams to speed up integration.
  • Develop communication strategies and processes that help to engage employees and build workforce commitment.

Why Korn Ferry Hay Group?

At Korn Ferry Hay Group, we’ve dedicated the last 70 years to understanding what drives people to excel at work. This research and experience means that we know more about people, leadership and the new landscape of work than anyone else.

  • We have extensive experience supporting organizations to deliver successful M&As and have undertaken a number of studies into what makes M&As succeed.
  • With assessment data on 4.4 million leaders, we understand the profiles of leaders most likely to lead an M&A to success.
  • We have decades of experience developing successful top teams and use a proven methodology developed from the two largest empirical studies of best in class team leadership.
  • We understand what drives employee behavior at a very deep level and have years of experience in mobilizing workforces behind a major change initiatives.

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