No Fear of Failure

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The Interviews


Michael Bloomberg

mayor, New York; founder, Bloomberg LP

My job is to recruit, attract, and compensate people; provide a moral compass; match their skill sets to different needs in the organization and then to make sure that they work collaboratively and collectively.


Indra Nooyi

chairman and CEO, PepsiCo

[Leadership] is connecting the dots to form a picture when others may know the dots exist, but not that they connect into a picture. Only you see that you have to connect the dots and make the picture emerge.


Drew Gilpin Faust

scholar; historian; president, Harvard University

I’ve learned from history that so much of leadership is helping people deal with change and understanding how change happens. History is about the nature of change.


Carlos Slim

entrepreneur, investor, and the world's richest man

In business, you invest when things are not in good shape. When you invest at these times, you take a better position than your competitors. When there is a recession and your competition does not invest, they are giving you the advantage.


Vicente Fox

former president of Mexico

It’s not until you discover your potential, your leadership, your capacities—then you can commit to trying to do big things.


Lt. General Franklin L. "Buster" Hagenbeck

retired superintendent, West Point

You have to care for people—for the organization as a whole and for the individual. When the soldiers know you care for them, and they know you are competent, they will literally put their lives on the line for you.


Anne Mulcahy

retired chairman and former CEO, Xerox

What you have to do for employees is to be truthful and give them the facts, but you are also obligated to leave them with a sense of belief that the problems can be overcome and solved.


Coach John McKissick

Summerville High School, Summerville, South Carolina: the "winningest" coach in football

The most important thing to me was to teach selfdiscipline. Guys have got to be disciplined on the field and off the field. . . . I don’t coach football; I coach kids.


Daniel Vasella

MD; chairman, Novartis AG

First, you’re not here to take advantage but rather to add. Second, you will not finish. Third, it is very important that the overall vision of what is being built be shared by several people over time.


Eli Broad

venture philanthropist, The Broad Foundations: co founder, Kaufman & Broad (KB Home); founder SunAmerica

I’ve always been a risk taker. But I’ve always been able to look at the downside and never bet the farm. We’ve done things that haven’t worked out, but we’ve had a lot more winners than losers.


Liu Chuanzhi

founder and chairman of the Board, Lenovo Group Ltd.

Never did I think of giving up, because of all the employees I was responsible for. Moreover, once I establish a goal, I will never give up until it is reached.


Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo

former CEO and president, Nokia Corporation; chairman, Nokia Siemens Networks

To me, the most important leadership word is courage because as a leader you have to be at ease with the possibility that you might fail.

About The Book

Gary Burnison's No Fear of Failure offers insightful, candid conversations with some of the world’s top leaders in business, politics, education, and philantrophy.


With brilliance and clarity drawn from first-hand experience with some of the world’s most celebrated leaders, Gary Burnison has written one of the most important and useful books for 21st century leaders.

- Warren Bennis, Distinguished Professor of Business, USC

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