Online Solutions for HR Processes, Korn Ferry

We make it easy to take what you learn about your talent and put it to work for them — and for you.

Our Online Solutions are designed to scale your key HR processes within your organization, and help you best utilize the research-based competency content. Built on the principles of best practices, these tools have an easy-to-use interface and functionality that aligns your process across all levels.

Identify true talent from the start.

Using the science behind Korn Ferry Interview Architect™ Online will save you critical time, money, and resources. Identify the right criteria including critical competencies and standardize interviewing protocol throughout all organization levels.

Use Interview Architect® Online:

  • For internal recruiters and/or HR professionals who coordinate recruiting and selection processes
  • For line managers with an interviewing need
  • To build clean, structured and focused interview templates and guides
  • To centralize access of mission critical interview templates
  • To deliver interview guides quickly and in multiple languages

Right People, Right Roles, Every Time.

Competency Profile Manager (CPM) is a powerful online tool which allows you to build a research-based library of job profiles that identify each skill needed for success in every position within your organization.

Use Competency Profile Manager (CPM):

  • To build a research-based library of job profiles, using innovative competency modeling and card sort capabilities
  • As a mobile resource for virtual collaboration, allowing stakeholders anywhere in the world to provide input
  • To conduct gap analysis of skills needed for development and succession planning
  • As a tool for managers to have meaningful development conversations with employees