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Performance Management

Performance management continues to be a subject of lively debate amongst business leaders, HR managers, and employees. It’s widely believed that traditional approaches are out of sync with today’s faster business cycle and changing employee demands.

There are plenty of examples of respected companies who have completely abandoned their traditional systems as a result. But is this the right approach for your organization?

Strategic performance management to suit your business.

Korn Ferry Hay Group has over 70 years of experience helping organizations manage and improve employee performance. Whether you are looking for a complete system overhaul or a more incremental approach to improving performance management, we can support you to:

  • Create a performance model that recognizes the way in which value is created in your organization.
  • Design effective organization structures and jobs that enable people to do their best.
  • Define the competencies required to be successful in specific roles.
  • Design the right performance management processes for your unique strategy, culture and management style.
  • Link performance management to talent management by clearly defining the criteria for how people progress through the organization.
  • Improve the linkages between organizational, team and individual performance with the right total reward vehicles tied to performance outcomes.
  • Develop leaders and managers to be better coaches and developers of talent.

Why Korn Ferry Hay Group?

  • We take a holistic approach: Korn Ferry is the pre-eminent people and organization advisory firm. We have experts in every aspect of performance management from organization design to talent management, reward, and leadership development.
  • We are a global organization: With 150 offices in 52 countries, we have performance management experts located wherever you need them.
  • We have a proven track record: Over 70 years we have worked with thousands of clients across geographies and industries to help them improve the performance of their employees.

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