Goliath, Meet David

Imagine how different the story of David and Goliath would have been if Goliath had known how to use a sling as well.

We think today’s corporate giants also have lots to learn from their smaller, emerging counterparts. That’s why we’ve invited six leading figures from the start-up world to share their personal stories and perspectives on success, as part of a unique podcast series entitled “Goliath, Meet David”.

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Cynthia Stuckey

Cynthia Stuckey

Cynthia is a Senior Client Partner at Korn Ferry, responsible for driving strategy executions and organization design solutions. She has extensive global consultancy and business management experience, having held several advisory, management, and sales roles across different industries. Cynthia is based in Korn Ferry's London office.

John Palumbo

John Palumbo

John is the founder of BigHeads Network, a podcast production company that arms listeners with the critical cross-industry perspectives and diverse viewpoints that help spur innovation, solve tough problems and build skills.

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