Korn Ferry Releases Special 10th Anniversary Edition of its Classic Read on Leadership

Updated version of The Leadership Machine outlines road map to help business leaders manage their people, and their own careers, more effectively in a complex business world

LOS ANGELES, CA -- Feb 1, 2012 - Korn/Ferry International (NYSE: KFY), a premier provider of talent management solutions, today announced the updated publication of The Leadership Machine: Architecture to Develop Leaders for Any Future (10th anniversary edition).  Authored by renowned management experts Michael M. Lombardo and Robert W. Eichinger, the book illustrates the key steps to developing effective leaders, building a succession pipeline, and advancing careers. 

The Leadership Machine introduces business readers to the Korn/Ferry science-based, experience-tested approach for hiring, developing, and aligning leadership and talent. These best practices are grounded in more than 30 years of research and leveraged by one third of the Fortune 100 and one in three top-ranked business schools.

"The behavioral and attitudinal abilities it takes to do a job have been known for quite some time, and are mostly consistent across situations," explain Lombardo and Eichinger.  "CEOs today may deal with more change more rapidly than Hannibal or George Washington ever did, but the essence of dealing with change is the same - tolerance for ambiguity, incremental experiments, and quick learning."

The Leadership Machine outlines strategies to align the right internal and external candidates to competency-based job profiles; cultivate high-potential employees for succession; and build learning agility, the most important identifier of future management effectiveness.

The new edition of The Leadership Machine, first published in 2001, showcases the original bedrock principles in an updated, easy-to-read way, helping readers better manage their people and their own careers in a constantly changing marketplace.  It is a must read for:

• Executives interested in developing their staff and succession pipeline;
• Managers seeking to hone their personal leadership skills;
• HR professionals who want to foster a common language for talent management; and
• Individuals looking to understand how world-class organizations think about talent management in order to advance their careers.

Marshall Goldsmith, author of MOJO and What Got You Hear Won't Get You There, said of The Leadership Machine, "It was groundbreaking and intuitive at the time of its release and now, a decade later, stands validated by research and application around the globe." 

The Leadership Machine is now available in Kindle and iBooks formats, as well as print.
Visit www.Lominger.com/TheLeadershipMachine to read a sample chapter of The Leadership Machine or purchase a print or digital copy.
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