Korn Ferry Survey: 71 Percent Of Executives Plan 2015 Salary Increases, 90 Percent Plan Year-End Bonus for Staff

-74 Percent Of Executives Expect Business To Expand in 2015 -Increased Consumer Demand No. 1 Reason Execs Would Accelerate Hiring

LOS ANGELES, October 23, 2014 — Seventy-four percent of executives say their businesses will expand in 2015, according to a survey conducted by Korn Ferry (NYSE: KFY), a single source for leadership and talent consulting services.

Anticipating this growth, 71 percent of executives plan to increase staff salaries in 2015. In addition, executives indicate that 2014 will end on a positive note, with 90 percent planning to give year-end bonuses and 36 percent expecting to increase bonuses this year (2014) versus the previous year (2013).

“Bonuses and salary increases underscore that there is a huge cost to replacing great people. Executives know this and there is incredible competition for talent,” said Nels Olson, Vice Chairman and Co-leader of Korn Ferry’s Board and CEO Services Practice. “The bottom line for most companies is in top line growth. Executives indicate that the number one reason they would increase hiring is an increase in consumer demand. In this environment, those who are driving sales and revenue are in a much stronger position to secure bigger bonuses and increases.”

From September 17 to October 20, Korn Ferry surveyed 518 executives. Results are as follows:

Q: Are you planning on 2015 salary increases for your staff/what are your plans for salaries next year?

Stable – no increase or decrease                27%
Increasing from 2014                                     71%
Decreasing from 2014                                   2%

Q: Are you planning to give year-end bonuses/what are your plans for 2014 year-end bonuses for your staff?

No bonuses 10%
Increasing from last year                               36%
Decreasing from last year                             15%
No change from last year                              39%

Q: In 2014, compared to 2013, did base salaries for your staff increase, decrease, or remain at the same levels?

Increased in 2014                                           66%
Same level in 2013 as 2014                           28%
Decreased in 2014 compared to 2013          6%

Q: Do you expect your business to expand or contract in 2015?

Expand                                                            74%
Contract                                                           8%
Stable – no increase or decrease                 18%

Q: What “outside factor” would make you most apt to increase hiring in 2015?
Executives have responded as follows:

Increasing consumer demand worldwide     59%
EU economic stability                                     20%
U.S. lowering its corporate tax rate                14%
Stability in the Middle East                             6%
Geopolitical stability in Russia                        1%

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