The American psychologist Frederick Herzberg said, “if you want employees to do a good job you need to give them a good job to do”. Employees are engaged and at their most productive when their jobs are “doable” - clearly defined, with a manageable level of accountability and authority and an attainable range of capabilities. Jobs that require too diverse a range of skills, competencies and accountabilities, are not only difficult to fill but tend to result in the role holder not using their skills valuably, performing badly or being stretched to burn out. Conversely, if the demands of a job are small relative to the job holder’s capabilities there is a good chance that person will become bored, demotivated and push for other people’s accountabilities.

At Korn Ferry we design jobs that put people in a position to succeed. We link job content to the competencies and skills required to deliver, enabling our clients to easily match the right people to the right roles.


  • Our process is proven. Our job evaluation method (Hay Guide Chart - Profile Method) is the most widely used in the world and has already enabled tens of thousands of organizations across all industry sectors to create effective job measurement frameworks.
  • We measure jobs by size AND shape. We look at three factors when measuring a job: accountability, problem-solving and know-how. We understand how they should work together to create doable but challenging jobs.
  • We know work and people. We have an in-depth understanding of the competencies and skills that drive success in specific roles. Combine that with our deep expertise in job design and the result is ironclad confidence in matching the right person with the right role.




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