Job family modelling is a practical way of analysing, understanding and measuring a logical grouping of roles within an organization and how work changes at each level within that group. It’s an approach used by many large multi-nationals because it’s easy to explain and apply, it reduces the need for individual job descriptions and evaluations, and it offers flexibility and efficiencies during organization restructurings. Job Family Modelling also serves as a solid basis for career development, succession planning and workforce planning because it enables an effective conversation between managers and employees - and enables them to easily see what is required to advance from one level of the family to the next.


  • We work with organizations like yours. We have helped thousands of organizations across the globe and in every industry use job family models to organize their work more effectively and improve the retention, motivation, and development of their employees.
  • Our process is proven. We measure the factors that matter for each specific family of work and then “calibrate” these back to our common currency – Hay points.
  • We measure jobs by size AND shape. We look at three factors when measuring a job: accountability, problem-solving and know-how. This gives us an in-depth understanding of not only the size but also the shape of the role.




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