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Total Rewards & Benefits

At Korn Ferry Hay Group we make sure that you’re rewarding your people at the right levels, for doing the right things in the right ways at a cost you can afford. We take a total rewards approach, looking at, not just compensation and benefits, but non-financial rewards such as providing interesting and meaningful work, an energizing work climate, career development and recognition.

Our aim is simple: to help you put in place a total reward program that creates real business value.


Incentives that link reward with performance can drive results and keep costs manageable. But it’s easy to focus people on the wrong things if you don’t set up the right targets in the first place.

Korn Ferry Hay Group will help you determine the right mix of incentives to suit your business and job roles - from your young professionals to your top level executives. We’ll help you roll your incentive scheme out, making sure that the messages are clear from top to bottom. And we’ll help you measure results.

Benefits valuation

Employee benefits are a vital part of total remuneration. But many employers don’t know how the value of their benefits compares with the marketplace. What’s more, many employees underestimate the significant value of their benefits package.

Hay Group designs benefits packages that truly respond to your employee’s needs while fitting within your overall reward strategy.

  • We audit existing benefits packages and total remuneration against both employer and employee needs and benchmark them against comparable organizations across the globe.
  • We put a value on every benefit, so employers can prioritize expenditures and employees understand the value they receive from the organization.
  • We provide Total Remuneration Statements to help communicate to employees to full value of their reward package.


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We help you reward the right people at the right levels, for doing the right things in the right ways.

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