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Sales Compensation & Incentives

Having an effective sales organization is your strongest asset in this highly competitive business environment, yet no function of an organization can be compromised by a rapidly changing market place faster than sales. As conditions change, the sales organization needs to adapt, respond quickly to customer needs, act proactively, and be ready to take advantage of new opportunities.

Additionally, sales leaders face the challenge of continually increasing the performance of their sales teams. They must manage the trade-offs between their team’s skills and costs, while delivering strategic objectives and surpassing financial targets. And with this pressure to perform at superior levels, even great leaders are having to reinvent the way they attract and retain quality sales talent, and motivate their sales teams.

At Korn Ferry, we know what makes a sales force effective and can use our expertise in sales strategy to design a sales compensation plan that will help you leverage your sales talent and accelerate sales.

Our Sales Compensation & Incentives Solution

From expert assessments of existing sales compensation strategies, benchmarking of competitive sales compensation practices, to creating and implementing new sales compensation programs, we help clients find and maintain the unique equilibrium with a sales compensation plan that best fits their organizations’ sales strategy. It will address their need to:

  • Meet and achieve revenue and profit objectives.
  • Link business strategy, sales force goals and incentive rewards.
  • Build a sales organizational structure to align with the strategic objectives of the business.
  • Develop the talent sales strategy the business needs.
  • Drive overall efficiency and productivity of the sales force.
  • Improve the cost effectiveness of the selling efforts.

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