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Sales Force Roles & Talent

Hiring the right sales people for your team and maximizing their potential is an ongoing challenge that all companies face. What makes a great sales person in your organization? Where can you go to find the best sales talent? How do you identify someone who will not just hit sales targets but exceed them?

At Korn Ferry, we are experts at helping sales leaders and their organizations release the full power and potential of their sales resources.

How we build effective sales teams and cultures

We make it possible for sales organizations to achieve superior performance by developing:

  • Sales job design - Jobs can be well designed, or they can be poorly designed and set people up for failure. We distinguish between the two by applying our 'ten tests of a well-designed job’ and optimize your sales force by designing jobs and job families that have a core set of closely related responsibilities of similar complexity, and that call for the same skills and competencies.
  • Sales recruitment - We know what the DNA of today’s top sales talent looks like. Leveraging this insight, our innovative IP and our groundbreaking assessment capabilities, we can provide the most holistic perspective on sales talent in the market today – covering competencies, personality traits, experiences, and motivations. An approach that ensures you make the right hire every time
  • Sales competenciesKorn Ferry Leadership Architect (KFLA) is our renowned library of leadership competencies, which is based on research from one of the world’s largest talent databases. For 20 years, we have been using this library to create custom competency models for sales and sales management roles, enabling our clients to understand what success looks like in any given role and to identify the sales people who will perform most effectively in it.
  • Sales assessment guidesOur sales assessment guides lead to improved sales decision-making by providing our clients with an effective means of evaluating the performance of sellers and sales managers, and identifying capability gaps. Crucially, making sure that the metrics we employ drive the right performance to the customer.
  • Sales training programsIt is difficult to overestimate the importance of training in improving overall sales performance, productivity and profitability, and in enabling sales professionals to deliver a better customer experience. When developing effective training programs for our clients, we focus on the capabilities needed to execute their go-to-strategy and on the specific challenges their sellers and sales leaders are facing.

Why choose Korn Ferry?

We are experts in identifying senior sales executives, and are able to draw on decades of research and experience to help you attract and hire the best people. We are also uniquely positioned to help you get the most out of your current sales professionals, thanks to our established leadership development expertise. In particular, we know how to use adaptive coaching to build independence and learning agility among your team members while delivering sustainable and evidence-based behavior change.

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