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Sales Performance & Enablement

When trying to maximize the effectiveness of their sales force, there is one key element that many organizations neglect: they fail to provide the level of support the team needs to be able to achieve on a consistent basis.

We help organizations manage the ongoing success of their sales forces, particularly in terms of their ability to apply the company strategy. This involves working closely with our clients to develop:

  • The right messages, tools and technology to ensure that each rep can identify a compelling value proposition to customers.
  • The right metrics, targets and performance management standards to ensure rep engagement.
  • The right communication vehicles for delivering enhanced messages to the sales organization.

Our solutions to Sales Performance & Enablement

Some of the key areas where we specialize in providing ongoing support to sales organizations include:

  • Messages, tools and technology - We help organizations develop sales tools that are specifically designed to support all their stakeholders’ critical needs. While these tools will differ from business to business, their core purpose is always to collect and organize all the relevant sales data, to calculate payments and credit them after they have been approved, and to communicate reports and resolve any problems that may arise.
  • Metrics and targets - We are expert at designing decision-oriented dashboards and metrics that provide our clients with the critical information they need to manage their sales forces more effectively. We also work with organizations to develop quota-setting processes and policies that achieve optimum results in terms of growth planning, segmentation, sales strategy, channel mix, resource allocation, territory design, and sales talent.
  • Performance management standards - We develop performance management processes and tools that enable sales leaders to make consistent assessments and decisions regarding performance, development, pay, advancement, and attrition.
  • Sales communication vehicles - The communication tools we develop help ensure sales reps understand the expectations of the organization and how they benefit based upon their performance.

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