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We have over 40 years’ experience of partnering with the world’s boards,

CEOs and executive teams.

Board and CEO Services Case Studies

We have over four decades experience of partnering with the world’s boards, CEOs and executive teams. A small selection of our most recent achievements is provided below.

Fortune 50 company.

To help this global resources company strengthen its overall board performance, we conducted a review of capability gaps among the current board and recommended specific competencies to use when selecting new members. This has resulted in more targeted board member recruitment, as part of planned and ongoing strategic board renewal.

Passenger transport company.

We conducted a thorough board review on behalf of this FTSE 150 company, focusing on the role of the chairman, the overall competence of the board, and the board’s interaction with management. Our review resulted in several positive results, including ongoing coaching of the first-time chairman, recruitment of one new board member, and a proactive focus on improving the board’s understanding of strategic business issues.

Fortune 500 company.

This engineering and professional services firm had grown from $500 million to $10 billion in ten years. To support their growth from $10 billion to $20 billion by 2015, we created and implemented a succession-planning process for their CEO and top three candidates. We also helped them establish a leadership development and talent pipeline to keep pace with their growth demands.

Leading financial services firm.

When this Fortune 500 financial services company formed from a merger in June 2001, it also saw the merger of two boards and two management teams, and the layoff of 700 employees. As a result, the executive team was facing a number of challenges, including lack of trust and a low level of accountability for decision-making. Our solution was to deliver senior executive coaching and development for all 13 executive team members, while also coaching and assessing high-potential candidates and developing a profile for CEO succession. As a result, trust was measured to improve by 40% and the board of directors gave the CEO the highest possible rating for team leadership development.

Korn Ferry is committed to confidentiality. We are therefore unable to disclose the identities of our clients.

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