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Onboarding Case Studies

Our onboarding solutions have helped some of the world’s top organizations to integrate new executives more effectively. Here are two specific examples of the benefits onboarding can bring.

High-tech company.

After securing a new VP for this high-tech business, we also helped them prepare the candidate effectively for what was known to be a highly challenging role. The previous incumbent had been with the company less than one year, and there were major technical problems in the department that needed correcting. Using information gathered during the search, we completed a comprehensive situational analysis, which enabled us to create a personalized “Starter Kit” for the placement. This kit offered a broad perspective on the situation and at the same time provided valuable insight into the placement’s strengths and development needs.

Insurance company.

When our client sought to recruit externally for a new Chief Investment Officer, to replace an incumbent who had been with the organization for 40 years, they were concerned about how the placement would integrate into their strong, traditional culture. We partnered with HR and the placement’s boss to help ensure a smooth transition into the organization, with a particular focus on early and planned feedback aided by comprehensive situational analysis. Although the placement was a seasoned executive who had successfully navigated transitions before, he felt the process had helped him get up to speed significantly more quickly and enabled him to avoid mistakes in the early days that would have been hard to recover from further down the road.

Korn Ferry is committed to confidentiality. We are therefore unable to disclose the identities of our clients.

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