The truth about strategy execution

Why the most successful CEOs focus in culture

Businesses that align culture to strategy and engage and enable their workforce see a 117% greater return on investment than those that don’t. Yet, almost a third of leaders say they’re struggling to get their culture right.

For culture transformation to succeed it must be driven from the top. The CEO needs to have an unshakeable belief that culture, more than anything else, will accelerate the strategy. They will put their reputation on the line. It’s a risk and it’s not for everyone.

But those who take the chance reap the rewards for business growth and employee engagement.

Be the one to make change happen.

A guide to transforming culture

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why the most successful CEOs focus in culture why the most successful CEOs focus in culture

Why the most successful CEOs focus on culture.
Research from Korn Ferry proves that organizations that align their culture to strategy outperform their peers on key financial measures. Download our paper to find out more.
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cultural transformation insights cultural transformation insights

A guide to getting your culture and strategy in sync.
Korn Ferry analyzed 15 high profile and successful culture transformations to identify the critical success factors for delivering culture change. Read about them here.
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Your questions answered

In conversation with Kirsta Anderson.

Kirsta Anderson, Global head of culture transformation at Korn Ferry, draws on our collective experience and latest research to answer some critical questions about culture transformation.

Engaging through change

How employee engagement and enablement drives success.

Enterprise leadership development Enterprise leadership development

A definitive guide
11 organizations that have successfully driven change through their people. 10 ways you can mimic their success. 4 things you can do to get started today.
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CEO leadership CEO leadership development

Winning with enthusiasm
How high levels of employee engagement improve organization productivity, agility and attraction and retention of talent, And six steps to building an engaging workplace culture.
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Goliath, Meet David

A 6-part podcast series.

Lessons for the start-up world

Self disruptive leader

Lessons from the start-up world

Can large organizations learn how to create and maintain the right culture from smaller businesses? We think they can. In Goliath, Meet David we ask entrepreneurs to share lessons, personal stories, and perspectives on some of the most pressing challenges facing large businesses today.

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