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Employee Surveys

Is the process of running your employee survey very time-consuming, and the results hard to interpret – let alone act upon?

Our Engaged Performance Surveys can help. You can choose the questions and benchmarks that are relevant to you, so your survey is quicker to complete and analyze. And our consultants can help you make sense of the results, generate insights and take action to drive lasting change.

Understand what makes your people perform

The Engaged Performance™ Framework is the bedrock of all our surveys. It allows you to measure not just how engaged your people are, but whether they have the tools and environment to do their jobs (what we call ‘enablement’). Because according to our research, it’s when both engagement and enablement are high that companies get the best results.

Our surveys can also give you answers to strategic questions like:

  • Are people at all levels behind our strategy?
  • Are we an attractive employer?
  • How well do we manage change?

You can then compare your results with the relevant benchmarks in our normative database – one of the largest of its kind in the world. You can choose to benchmark them against organizations in your industry, function, country, region or sub-region. Or you can look at organizations that are similar to yours – or that perform the best.

But with pay data on 20 million, and talent data on 3 million, we can also help you understand how your pay and talent strategies influence engagement – and how the picture is similar or different in competitor organizations. So you’ll see how adapting your approach could take your organization from good to great.

A range of surveys to suit your needs

Our surveys are available in many forms, with different levels of support from us. You can choose from:

  • Quick-to-use, off-the-shelf surveys
    With standard, benchmarkable questions that we know drive performance.
  • Standard surveys, tailored to you
    Choose extra questions, write your own and include some for open comment.
  • Specific surveys for different stages
    Take the pulse of your organization between annual surveys, or survey people at different stages of the employee lifecycle.

All of these options work on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. All allow you to add your own branding. And all come with support from an account manager at every stage (there’s more help available if you need it). So you’ll be able to get the most from the survey, act on the insights and see great results.



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