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Professional Recruitment Case Studies

We have helped organizations all over the world secure the right talent in the right numbers and in the right location. Below you will find just a few examples of what we are able to achieve.

Multinational IT firm.

This Fortune 500 IT company was looking to expand its Enterprise Storage, Servers and Networking (ESSN) team with 120 experienced hires across Sweden, Finland, Norway, Belgium, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Saudi Arabia and South Africa. They chose us to partner them in this process because they knew we would be able to source and hire the very best candidates in the market, across a wide geographical area in a short period of time. Not only did we complete 50 per cent of hiring within four months, but we also managed to source an additional 1,500 candidates for the company’s talent pool while reducing cost per hire by 35 per cent.

Consumer goods business.

Following the acquisition of licensing rights, our client, who already had market-leading products in the US, was planning to build from a 177-person organization in EMEA. This process was to involve hiring from entry to executive level in 17 countries across three continents. We created a global project team of experienced life sciences recruiters, who between them offered a blend of recruitment services, including search for senior roles and selection-based sourcing methodology for lower level ones. As a result, the company achieved all its objectives on time and within budget.

World-leading utility company.

Our client needed to create a “seed” population of skilled design engineers to work on their new UK nuclear facilities, which are launching in 2018. To achieve this aim, we helped them build a graduate talent acquisition program that would each year secure 20 graduate and recent graduate hires from top UK engineering schools. This involved carrying out market research on all the company’s key competitors, designing an employer value proposition and attraction strategy, and then screening and assessing the 2,000+ applicants received through each year’s campaign. Hiring targets for all five years have been met or exceeded, as have the stringent cost, time and quality parameters the company sets.

Global software provider.

A global provider of software and services approached us to help them create a managed talent community of senior executives in the U.S. and EMEA. This approach was chosen because it would mean ongoing proactive engagement with the best talent in the market. Our integrated team of market and sector specialists created a strong employer value proposition for the organization, along with a multichannel sourcing strategy focused on targeting niche passive talent. We also designed a streamlined process for identifying and assessing talent. The initiative has already led to four senior hires, with six other candidates considering offers. It has also resulted in significantly increased brand awareness within the executive market.

Korn Ferry is committed to confidentiality. We are therefore unable to disclose the identities of our clients.

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