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Recruitment Process Outsourcing Case Studies

We have helped many organizations around the world attract better people in less time and at reduced cost. A few examples of what we can achieve are provided below.

World-leading software company.

Since becoming the new recruitment process outsourcing partner for this company in France, we have improved hiring manager and candidate satisfaction to more than 90 per cent, achieved a ˂1 per cent attrition rate on new hires, and increased female hiring from 16 per cent to 40 per cent in line with corporate objectives. We have also managed to significantly reduce cost per hire, in part by reducing agency usage from 30 per cent to 3 per cent. This has been achieved by a team of 17 consultants, who are responsible for 97 per cent of all hires for the business.

Fortune 500 technology company.

As this organization’s end-to-end 100 per cent outsourced global RPO provider, we help them recruit approximately 4,000 professionals a year in 50+ countries worldwide. Since our partnership began in August 2010, we have managed the seamless integration of a global recruitment technology solution (Taleo), brought consistency to the company’s messaging and employer brand, and successfully incorporated diversity and inclusion into global and local sourcing strategies.

Multinational dairy company.

Our client, which employees 17,000 globally, was facing a number of recruitment-based challenges, including fragmented systems and practices, and HR time being taken away from strategic initiatives to focus on transactional recruitment activity. Since becoming their RPO partner in October 2004, we have re-engineered their recruitment process and practices, created a highly effective in-house recruitment center, and implemented a range of recruitment metrics, including candidate source, volume, speed and spend. A key result has been a huge increase in the client-owned talent pool, which has in turn led to cost savings of over 40 per cent and a 30 per cent reduction in time to hire.

Korn Ferry is committed to confidentiality. We are therefore unable to disclose the identities of our clients.

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