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It is hard to overestimate the value of a comprehensive communications strategy when it comes to successfully implementing a new sales compensation plan. Sales forces are typically resistant to change, meaning that every new plan needs to be “sold” to the field. Even the best design, if inadequately communicated, may not deliver expected results. In addition, major pay changes are often made quickly in response to sales results or market dynamics. If not communicated appropriately, this can shock the system, adversely affecting morale and bottom line results.

We offer comprehensive, end-to-end solutions aimed at smoothly implementing and clearly communicating changes in sales force compensation strategies. We work with leadership to define the objective, evaluate current level of understanding, develop a smart communications strategy and define the vehicles for delivery. Communication needs to be tested to align with strategy, incorporate stakeholder input, and be carried out in a timely and effective manner. Execution must be appropriate for and delivered simultaneously to multiple groups, ensuring ongoing ownership from all involved. The result is a successfully communicated and implemented plan, with maximum buy-in and minimal disruption, leading to smooth transitions with bottom line benefit - and a positive bonding impact on corporate culture.

Why Korn Ferry?

  • We know people. Our solutions focus is on people and, specifically, on the competitive value they can provide.
  • Our solutions are end-to-end. We have capabilities across the entire talent supply chain, enabling us to deliver comprehensive, strategic solutions that our competitors struggle to provide.
  • We have done this before. This is why we have a proven track record of implementation success built across industries and in countries around the world.
  • Our insight is earned. Our depth of experience in sales force effectiveness and sales compensation give us unparalleled insight, adding tremendous value to our clients’ strategic business objectives.

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