Solve high-volume hiring with one high-tech tool

Korn Ferry Recruit, a Nimble solution, uses artificial intelligence and best-in-class Korn Ferry IP to make high-volume hiring a productive, positive and prompt experience for everyone involved.

A fully integrated, end-to-end solution, Nimble enables you to source, attract, assess, select and onboard the right people for the job—seamlessly and at an affordable cost-per-hire. Key benefits include:

  • Candidate-driven experience built around your brand
  • Targeted assessment and selection of the right people for the role
  • 24/7 candidate care via an AI-enabled chatbot
  • Automated interviewing

Korn Ferry Recruit, a Nimble solution

Success Profiles

Nimble uses Korn Ferry’s best-in-class Success Profiles to target, assess and select people who are the right fit for each role. The result: better quality candidates and reduced turnover of high-volume staff.

AI-enabled sourcing

Nimble uses AI to find the widest pools of internal and external candidates. It also features an AI assistant, Juno, who provides 24/7 candidate support. The chatbot guides candidates through each phase of the process, updating them on their progress and answering any questions they have.

Automated interviews

Candidates who meet the skills requirements are stack ranked and moved into the automated interview phase. Nimble uses Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools to simulate e-interviews with recruiters, creating a shortlist of top candidates for hiring manager presentations.

Interview scheduling

Nimble schedules interviews, checks references and initiates background checks automatically. Offers and contracting are managed in line with your organization’s processes.

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