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Talent Acquisition

Talent is in high demand. As we enter a new era of work, talent acquisition, talent recruitment, and talent retention has become a priority for every business. To handle the evolving needs of the hiring manager and facilitate a shift in focus to skills over more traditional role-filling a new team structure has been set up. Their focus is on creating talent management strategies to attract people with the skills to take their organization into the future. These teams combine many of the core competencies of human resources: talent recruiters, talent acquisition specialists, talent acquisition recruiter, hiring managers, and HR professionals. They are responsible for the entire talent management process, from sourcing, through interviewing, hiring and onboarding successful candidates.

From executive search to recruitment process outsourcing, we integrate scientific research with our practical experience and industry-specific expertise to recruit professionals of all levels and functions for our clients. Regardless of the transformation your business is facing - from mergers and acquisitions to consolidation and new markets - we help organizations address key business needs and identify the world-class talent needed to execute on their strategy.

Why Korn Ferry?

We understand the issues and opportunities within your geography, industry, and business function. We have dedicated teams serving the consumer, financial services, industrial, life sciences, healthcare, technology, educational, and nonprofit industries, as well as functional centers of expertise for finance, human resources, technology, legal, marketing, corporate affairs, and supply chain, among others.

We know the candidates who are best suited to lead the way forward. It’s a fact: over 40% of new executives fail within the first 18 months, mostly due to poor fit. We believe this is preventable with the right people and methodologies.

We build your future. We construct a plan to attract and prepare future generations of leaders through strategic job assignments, targeted learning experiences, coaching, and succession management.


It doesn’t matter which territory, industry or marketplace you are in there is one constant, success is impossible without great talent. This is why a robust and thoughtful talent acquisition strategy is a must for every organization. Only by attracting the best people, then retaining them by keeping them engaged and developing in the business will organizations be able to successfully embrace change. Change that is already shaping how organizations function now and in the future.

Part of this disruption is the rise of digital. Digital is evolving everything. From the way we communicate to how we build teams, conduct business, share knowledge and collaborate. Companies who do not have the talent they need to embrace our digital future will find themselves losing out to companies that do. Talent acquisition and recruitment are key, and savvy HR teams are already evolving to meet the demands of the talent-centric market that digital demands.

This requirement is distinct from but also complimentary to recruitment.

Recruitment is often more task oriented. Teams have specific roles to fill and recruit from a pool of people who have experience in that role. Talent recruitment is more focused on playing the long game. It is about attracting people to your business who bring highly marketable skills, skills your organization will need to thrive in the future. This is a more holistic approach and one that the technology market has been embracing for a while. It expects talent recruiters to work with the business to anticipate future needs and skills shortages. These talent specialists are also tasked with looking inward, finding individuals currently in the businesses and developing and nurturing them.

Our research into the global talent needs across multiple markets further backs this up. Korn Ferry’s The Global Talent Crunch study found that a lack of skilled workforce could cause businesses without a robust talent acquisition strategy and management program in place to fail in the new talent-centric economy.

The right talent acquisition strategy evaluates existing talent and needs, identifies future leaders inside and out of the organization, retains existing superstars, and develops actionable talent strategies to build competitive advantage.

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