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Progress starts with a plan.

Strategy Clarification

Many great strategies fail, not because they are wrong for an organization but because the executive team has not figured out how to make them work. Korn Ferry Hay Group Strategy Clarification helps the senior leadership team make a strategy operational.

Drawing on a range of proven quantitative and qualitative tools and processes we help CEOs and their leadership teams to:

  • Define their business model – how they will make money and drive value.
  • Clarify where and how they will win in the marketplace.
  • Challenge the strategy if necessary.
  • Develop a shared and compelling vision and purpose for the organisations that can be easily communicated to and understood by employees.
  • Identify key metrics and translate these into a day to day business agenda.
  • Clarify strategic priorities, so that each executive knows what they need to focus on to implement the chosen strategy.

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