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Korn Ferry

The right workforce, today and tomorrow,

at the right cost.

Strategic Workforce Planning

Imagine an organization with the perfect workforce, with nobody overworked or underutilized. How much better than the competition do you think it would be? Now, imagine if that same organization could also determine the people it needed to succeed in the future. How much better than the competition would it be now?

Thanks to our Strategic Workforce Planning approach, you don’t have to imagine. We make this vision achievable. Here’s how.

  • We optimize your workforce for today—with in-depth analysis of workload, productivity and cost.
  • We identify your workforce of tomorrow—by specifying the roles and capabilities that are critical to success.
  • We prepare you for workforce change—using powerful new-generation scenario-planning tools to help you understand your legacy workforce and how it can evolve.
  • And we make the change happen—by closing gaps between the workforce your organization needs and the people you have.

Why Korn Ferry Hay Group?

  • First, we can turn strategies into skills, thanks to our catalogue of job families and our deep understanding of the strategic capabilities it takes to succeed in different roles.
  • Second, we help you understand your legacy workforce, so you know how to close the gap between the workforce you have now and the workforce you’ll need in the future.
  • Third, we have a unique scenario planning tool that can manage data intelligently and provide insights in minutes, not months.
  • And finally, because we have decades of experience and expertise in helping leaders release the full power and potential of their people.

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Our aim is to help you achieve the five rights of strategic workforce planning: Right size, right skills, right shape, right site, and right spend.

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