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Finding long-term leaders

in a short-term world.

Success Profiles & Competency Modeling

At Korn Ferry we have the experience and tools to help you match your people with the opportunities that enable them to flourish. We start by understanding your business and the roles that are critical to support it, and then we create success profiles built upon the competencies, experiences, traits, and drivers that are required to succeed in those roles.

With the Korn Ferry Global Competency Framework, we can target specific organizational levels, functions, industries, and business challenges and design competency models and profiles that are standard or custom to meet your needs.

Assessing the strengths and weaknesses against these profiles, you can more accurately and successfully optimize your workforceboosting performance in a way that is statistically valid, and customized to the organization.

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Success Profiles

Success profiles describe the competencies, experiences, traits, and drivers required for future success in a specific job or more general role, such as an executive team member. They are created based on your unique business strategy, culture, and context.

Two of the four dimensions in a success profile—competencies and experiences—are easier to observe and change. The other two dimensions—traits and drivers—are harder to observe and change, but are more likely to create poor performance or derailment if not addressed.

The success profile development process creates alignment on what it will take for future success. Profiles are used to select the right internal and external people to fill roles, create career paths, identify group development needs, and help individuals prepare for new roles.

Competency Modeling

How can we prepare leaders for the future when even top experts and analysts grapple with predicting what the future holds? Accepting ambiguity and change as constants, we take an approach to building leaders that has stood the test of changing times. Grounded in years of research and experience, we work with you at every stage of professional development, providing a foundational approach to competency-based leadership development and talent management.

  • Aligning candidates to competencies during selection.
  • Identifying the secret to success─continuous learning.
  • Cultivating high-potential employees for succession.
  • Developing learning-agile leaders to tackle an uncertain future.

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