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Korn Ferry

Know that a successor

will be successful.

A modular approach

Our approach encompasses all phases of the succession planning process. Clients are free to customize programs to best meet their needs, and we help them document and institutionalize the succession planning process. At Korn Ferry, we partner to:

  • Align board views on business strategy, so that boards and executive leaders are in a position to better identify the kind of future leader they need.
  • Build profiles for the CEOs and leaders of today and tomorrow, enabling potential candidates to be objectively measured against accurate competency profiles.
  • Identify and assess internal and external candidates, using our rigorous assessment methodologies.
  • Create a development plan for the internal talent pipeline, involving on-the-job training, mentoring, feedback, and coaching, as well as formal academic and training programs.
  • Implement a development plan specifically for near- and mid-term CEO candidates.
  • Transfer knowledge to sustain the succession planning process, and enable boards to meet their long-term succession planning responsibilities.

The benefits of using our service

By introducing a disciplined approach to leadership succession planning, you can mitigate risks to shareholder value and improve your company’s prospects for long-term growth. Specifically, our approach offers:

  • Ongoing readiness for succession.
  • A clearer, more complete view of the internal and external pipeline.
  • Internal candidates who rapidly develop the skills needed to provide global and enterprise-wide leadership.
  • High potential leaders who are more engaged and a culture of innovation and development.
  • A board more aligned than ever on company direction and the type of leaders needed in the short and long term.