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Succession Matters

For organizations to succeed, they need to identify, develop, and support the leaders that will drive their future strategy. Effective succession planning is therefore essential for continued business success.

But what do executives around the world really think about their succession initiatives? Do they have a view on what best practices should be, and do their organizations follow it? What do they consider to be the benefits of and the barriers to successful succession planning?

Korn Ferry commissioned a global research project on succession planning. The results raise some significant concerns over the risks businesses are taking, while at the same time presenting real opportunities for learning and change.

Succession Matters report series.

Real Business Perspective Succession Matters

Encapsulating all the key topics and talking points covered in the three topic Succession Matters reports, we add an extra dimension in this comprehensive version—the real world stories, challenges and successes as told to us by some of our clients, across a range of different sectors.

Featured organizations include:

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Download Part One

Part one: Effective succession management planning.

This is the first in a series of reports that discuss the results of the research and implications of the findings related to succession planning.

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Download Part Two


Part two: Accurate identification of leadership potential.

The second report in the series explores the results, research, and implications of the findings as they relate to potential and identification. 

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Download Part Three 

Part three: Impactful leadership development and accelerated readiness.

The third report examines the results and research around impactful development and accelerated readiness.

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Succession Matters featured products.

Korn Ferry Talent Review provides clients with a strategic, systemic, and deliberate process to identify potential leaders and provide them with the development opportunities needed to succeed. Watch the Video

Four Dimensions of Leadership and Talent is a comprehensive framework, anchored by research that provides a complete picture of the individual qualities that drive performance engagement, and forms the basis for all our solutions.

Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential provides organizations with the ability to objectively and accurately identify talent with high leadership potential. This easy-to-use, comprehensive assessment utilizes research to determine and measure the seven key signposts of leadership development potential. Watch the Video

Korn Ferry Assessment of Readiness provides a rich, personalized development experience, culminating in targeted development plans for each leader. This simulation-based approach exposes individuals to the business scenarios that have the greatest impact on an organization’s performance. By accurately measuring what it takes to succeed and providing powerful feedback on how to develop, organizations are fully equipped to close the gap between potential and ready-to-promote, and ultimately make the right succession decisions.

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