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Building Capability

Solutions for a Changing World

Talent Development

Closing the gaps: right talent, wrong skills.

Does your sales organization have the capabilities they need?

Today’s clients are better informed, constantly connected, and smarter than ever. Buyers are doing their homework and using this to their advantage. It is reported that by the time they meet with a seller, buyers are more than 60% done with the buying process.

This dynamic has caused the role of the seller to fundamentally shift—from that of educator to that of thought partner. Successful sellers need to bring clients fresh or provocative insights that can’t be found in the public domain.

To win with today’s clients, it is critical for sales organizations to equip and update their sales force to match these changing dynamics. They need sellers who can go beyond traditional “solution selling” and adapt their sales process to the customers’ buying. We have a number of ways you can close these skill gaps.

Core Sales Leader development programs include:

  • Sales Coaching & Management
  • Sales Leadership (Leading Teams & Others)
  • Leading the Business
  • Sales Competency Models
  • Strategic Talent Design

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