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Evaluating Sales Talent

Measure Performance; Ensure Results

Talent Identification

Do you have the sales talent you need?

The profile of the successful seller goes through a fundamental shift about every two to three years.

To win with today’s clients, it is paramount for organizations to have the right sales talent in place. Sellers who can do more than sell solutions and products. Sellers that are agile, insightful, and creative. They also need sales managers and leaders who are strategic, either creating the future or quickly adapting to rapid change, developing and building new capabilities, and evaluating and deploying people effectively. To be competitive, organizations must regularly evaluate and define the talent requirements of their sales organizations, measure and identify if they have the right talent for their markets, and develop what’s needed to close the gaps. 

Core solutions include:

  • Sales Talent Performance System (TPS)
  • BD Audit
  • viaEDGE Assessment for Sales
  • Success Profiles
  • Sales Competency Models
  • Search
  • Strategic Talent Design
  • Whole-Person Assessments
  • Sales Effectiveness Development Programs

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