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Employee Engagement

In a knowledge-based economy, where people are the primary determinant of organizational success, the extra effort of engaged employees is a vital asset.

But organizations that are exclusively focused on increasing employee engagement are missing a key workplace factor required to produce optimal performance.

Our Engaged Performance™ framework transforms how organizations think about performance. It helps organizations, not only stimulate their employees’ enthusiasm for their work, but also enable their people to direct it toward the organization’s success.

What we offer.

  • Engaged Performance™ surveys that assess how engaged and enabled your employees feel and 12 other proven drivers that contribute to people delivering peak-performance at work. We can tailor every aspect of the survey process for you or you can access our world-leading methodology with our off-the-shelf tools.
  • Smart reward strategies to build engagement and loyalty.
  • Transformational leaders to unlock performance and create motivating work climates.
  • Performance management to maintain motivation and focus.
  • Effective organizational structures to help people work to their full potential.

Why Korn Ferry Hay Group?

  • Unique methodology: Our Engaged Performance™ framework is based on research among over 7 million employees and measures the factors that are proven to drive performance at work.
  • Unrivalled knowledge: We’ve developed an unparalleled body of knowledge through our experience with some of the world’s leading businesses. This means you’ll benefit from the latest developments, expertise and benchmarks in employee engagement.
  • Robust benchmarking: We have one of the world’s largest databases of employee opinion, enabling leaders to benchmark against industry peers and high performing companies.
  • Expert support: We have over 70 years of consulting experience to help you deliver meaningful action as well as understand the linkages between your broader reward and talent strategies and your people performance.

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