Korn Ferry

you get hired for what you know, and

you get fired for who you are.

On-demand Broadcast: The Power of Recruitment Analytics

Originally aired on Thursday, August 13th, 2015 10:00am – 10:45am (SIN/HK/China standard time)

It's been said, “you get hired for what you know, and you get fired for who you are.” A new hire's success is often much more about the softer things – fit, agility, ambition, drive – than the functional skills required for the position.

With over 50 years of research and millions of assessed executives, Korn Ferry has harnessed science and data visualization to create a breakthrough in evaluating candidates during the recruitment process – introducing the Korn Ferry Four Dimensional Executive Assessment.

Watch this webinar to hear about Korn Ferry’s analytical framework and examine the four key areas that fuel human performance: competencies, traits, drivers and experiences. This webinar will also cover:

  • The evolution of predictive analytics as an important and useful tool in the identification of talent and the rise of agile leaders.
  • The desired skills, qualities and attributes for best-in-class performers.

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