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top team great.

Top Teams

Effective teams at the top can mean the difference between organizational success and organizational struggle. They are more than simply the sum of their individual members.

The most critical resource the CEO has is the executive team. They set the business strategy and drive its execution. They ensure the ready supply of top leadership talent and an engaged, performing culture. Their alignment in these efforts directly impact business results. Armed with a clear remit, the right mix of capabilities, and fueled by an enterprise mindset, the top team offers a critical competitive advantage.

Working with Korn Ferry Hay Group

Korn Ferry Hay Group works with CEOs to help them to bring talented executives together as enterprise leadership teams that can transform the organization and drive sustainable growth. We support them to:

  • Set a clear, focused and compelling team purpose through strategy clarification and measures of impact.
  • Ensure they have the right team composition to support that purpose.
  • Generate the right processes, norms and principles with the team.
  • Build strong, productive relationships amongst the team members.
  • Align rewards with the team purpose and accountabilities.
  • Ensure they have the right analytics, training and resources to make decisions.
  • Provide ongoing team and individual development.

Korn Ferry Hay Group offers a world-class, diverse global team of experts from across industries who bring deep knowledge, business acumen and outstanding facilitation capabilities. They draw on a proven methodology developed from the two largest empirical studies of best in class team leadership conducted by Lominger International and in partnership with researchers from Harvard University. Korn Ferry’s broad and deep expertise delivers integrated strategic, talent and organizational development capabilities to align and focus the work of leadership teams.

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